Nigerian Dwarfs

Parrish Farms PC Grace 3*M

DOB: 4/16/2015 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: *B Rosasharn CB Prince Caspian
SS: ++*B Rosasharn SH Celtic Ballad (VEE 90)
SD: GCH Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*M (91 VEEE)

Dam: Parrish Farms KAP Guinevere 2*M
DS: CH Olson Acres SS King Arthur
DD: Cloven Trail Pippermint Patti *D

Grace was one of our first does here at Budderball Farms. She was a favorite then and remains a favorite today. She is without a doubt one of my heaviest Nigerian milkers and has a foreudder attachment that dreams are made of. In addition, her pedigree is stacked with proven performance and show animals. Grace easily earned her AR in all three categories her first year on DHI. We have implemented Grace’s genetics heavily here and hope to improve on teat length and rump width with future generations.

Nickel Creek Apple Strudel 1*M

DOB: 1/6/2015 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: *B Farm Oldesouth SD Roll Tide
SS: *B CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku
SD: SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M

Dam: CH J-Nels GP Vienna
DS: +B J-Nels SQ Gray Poupon
DD: CH Steele Ballew Lantana *D

Another farm favorite, Strudel was our first “showy” Nigerian Dwarf doe. I fell in love with Strudel’s general appearance and her udder the first moment I saw her. Her star studded pedigree made me want her even more. It took a little coaxing but I am thankful everyday that her previous owners at Hidden Treasure entrusted us with this girl. Strudel easily earned her AR in all three categories her first year on DHI. Strudel would have finished her CH this year earning her 4th GCH but her tattoos were illegible and she did not get credit for her final leg. Better luck in 2021!

Farm Oldesouth Be Bop Blues 6*M

DOB 3/8/2015 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: *B Farm oldesouth VR Honneur
SS: Farm Oldesouth SD Vin Rouge
SD: SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M

Dam: SG Farm Oldesouth Bee Bop Sassy 5*M
DS: +*B CH J-Nels DH Be Bop
DD: SGCH NC PromisedLand BHP Scandal 3*M

With a pedigree packed with superior genetics and greats such as SGCH Oldesouth Farm Blue Amber and +*B CH J-Nels DH Be Bop, I couldn’t pass this doe up when building my foundation herd. While I’d like to improve on her teat length, placement and foreudder attachment, BeBop is easily one of the hardiest and strongest does in our Nigerian herd and also has one of the best udder textures. She also has solid legs and feet which require very little trimming and maintenance.

Double Durango Juice 3*M

DOB: 3/14/13 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: +*B Rosasharn Struts A Bit-A-Sonny (88VEE)
SS: *B Rosasharn BB Son Of Honey
SD: CH Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-A-Lilly 4*D

Dam: SG Farm Little Tots Estate Melica 2*M
DS: Caesar’s Villa LV Eric *S
DD: GCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M

Juice was another unplanned addition but I couldnt be more thrilled to have this girl here. I could sit and stare at her conformation all day and never get tired of it. Her large teats and wonderful udder texture make her capacious udder a dream to hand milk as well.

Fields of Grace Z Gold Dust 1*M

DOB: 6/10/2015 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: CH Wooly Dog Down Zambra
SS: +*B TX Twincreeks WDF Texas 2 Step
SD: Wooly Dog Veronica 

Dam: Sunnydale Farm H Dianthus
DS: Fairlea Hector
DD: Dragonfly HFX Carmen 2*M

I bought Gold Dust to help improve rump width, angle, and overall length of body within our herd here. She has consistently produced beautiful kids here with all of the above and we are more than excited to see her first daughters freshen here next spring. Gold Dust is a hardy doe who kids easily and puts milk in the pail as well. 2020 is her first year on DHI and we anticipate her earning her milk star easily.

Cedar View Sephora 2*M

DOB: 4/21/18 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: Little Tots Estate Bambino++*B
SS: CH/MCH/PGCH AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino *B (91 EEE)
SD: GCH AGS Little Tots Estate Bambusa 1*M

Dam: Little Tots Estate Zabrina 1*M
DS: Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum *B
DD: Little Tots Estate Zizyphus

With relatives such as SGCH Cedar View Isabella, SGCH Cedar View Heleena and numerous Top Ten and Elite animals, we are proud to have this girl call our farm home. Sephora is a first freshener in 2020 and is on track to AR in all three categories by the end of her lactation.

M&M Acres Buttered Popcorn

DOB: 2/3/2018 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: Prairie Wood Special Blend
SS: ++*B SG NC Promisedland RC Bonafide
SD: SG Rosasharn My Kodaly 6*M

Dam: Parrish Farms API Dream Girl 1*M
DS: +*B Helmstead Minis E Apprentice
DD: Playrite Poison Ivy

Popcorn was the very first kid we ever had born at Budderball Farms. Her dam, Parrish Farms API Dream Girl was our very first goat. Popcorn’s rump angle and width are among my favorite in the herd. She consistently produces long bodied kids with strong briskets and great general appearance. Though Popcorn is not our heaviest milker here, she is on track to earn her milk star after her 2020 lactation is complete.

First Fresheners

Budderballs Honeycrisp

DOB: 2/25/2019 ADGA Genetics Site

Sire: *B Parrish Farms PSAS Zion
SS: *B CH Parrish Farms ABA Pappy Snap
SD: SG Prairie Wood Autumn Sunset 1*

Dam: Nickel Creek Apple Strudel 1*M
DS: *B Farm Oldesouth SD Roll Tide
DD: CH J-Nels Vienna

Honeycrisp was our first doeling from Apple Strudel and we are thrilled with how she freshened despite being a little uneven due to nursing a single massive buckling.